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Star*Ra Stephanie Lynn is Founder, President & CEO of SPPN Entertainment Corporation and President of the corporations subsidiary companies.


Ms. Lynn has a passion for creating concepts for television entertainment and producing music.  Ms. Lynn made a decision to leave the investment industry where she worked for many years as a Series 6 & 63 licensed professional performing Mutual Fund accounting and providing investor services.  Over the years, Ms. Lynn has cultivated knowledge of her higher Self (Star*Ra) into a brand exclusively distributed on SPPN.TV platforms.  

Ms. Lynn has also composed a music catalog containing hundreds of music compositions ranging from Contemporary Gospel to R&B along with a catalog of television entertainment that includes reality, talk shows, and drama series.  Ms. Lynn’s writing style strives to integrate an empowering message into all forms of entertainment.


Outside of her executive duties Ms. Lynn has volunteered her time and knowledge assisting a non-profit organization in Denver, Colorado with feeding the hungry on Thanksgiving Day, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, and is producer and Host of the Money One Talk Show which is distributed exclusively on SPPN.TV.

Ms. Lynn organized SPPN Entertainment Corporation and subsidiary companies to distribute, deliver, and monetize content.  Therefore, Ms. Lynn has brilliantly defined the operations and business activities for each division of the corporation.

Star*Ra Stephanie Lynn brings to the Corporation her creative spirit, financial and investment experience, award-winning customer service and complementing analytical skills.



SPPN is an acronym for (Star*Prosperity*Power*Network) and represented as 'Light' in our Logo.

SPPN.TV entered the market in 2013 as a weekly News broadcast for Denver, CO, and surrounding areas.  Since then, SPPN.TV expanded its content to include Talk shows and in the near future, will include reality, music competition, and music channels. 


Star*Ra, Stephanie Lynn

Founder, President & CEO

SPPN Entertainment Corporation


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