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Core Values:

Sacrifice, Commitment, Focus, Dedication, Clarity

Invite Star*Ra, Stephanie Lynn to speak 'Conscious Light' to your audiences and share her core values which are essential in reaching the pinnacle of success or to speak on the 5 points included in the Star*Ra, Stephanie Lynn Conscious Course.

Star*Ra, Stephanie Lynn

Stephanie Lynn is a native of Denver, Colorado, and began her conscious journey twenty-two years ago with one touch and one word from the Most High and has evolved into Star*Ra, 'Conscious Light'. 

Over the course of her journey, she has developed several core values that have seen her through a long journey to reach her true pinnacle of success.  Conscious!  Over the years she has walked out the wisdom given to us from our Black African Ancestors ‘Know One Self.

Now, a new chapter in her life has begun as Star*Ra, Stephanie Lynn with a clear purpose to educate and inspire her audiences to start their journey to Know One Self which leads to Black Dot Consciousness.  Star*Ra shares her purpose with her TV show audience, podcast, and social media followers. 

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Feel free to check and see if Star*Ra Stephanie Lynn is available to speak at your next In-person or online event.


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