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Core Values:

Sacrifice, Commitment, Focus, Dedication, Clarity

Invite Star-Ra, Stephanie Lynn to speak 'Conscious Light' to your audiences and share her core values which are essential in reaching the pinnacle of success or to speak on the 5 points included in the Star-Ra, Stephanie Lynn Conscious Course.

Star-Ra, Stephanie Lynn

Stephanie Lynn began her conscious journey twenty years ago and has evolved into Star-Ra! 'Conscious Light'.  Over the course of her journey, she has developed several core values that have seen her through a long journey to reach her true pinnacle of success.  Conscious! 

Now, a new chapter in her life has begun as Star-Ra, Stephanie Lynn with a clear purpose to educate and inspire her audiences to start their journey to KNOW Black Dot Conscious which leads to Self-discovery.  Star-Ra, Stephanie Lynn shares her purpose with her Star-Ra TV show audience, her podcast, and social media followers. 

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Conference Lecture


Feel free to check and see if Star-Ra Stephanie Lynn is available to speak at your next In-person or online event.


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